How to make Linux VPS function effectively?

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No matter which form or type of Linux VPS India you have installed, there are some limitations which are attached to it. One of the biggest limitations comes in the form of RAM which is usually limited to 1 GB. This restrains the running speed of the server thus impacting the working and output of client. To make sure that user need not have to suffer much while functioning on the Linux VPS and its performance can be enhanced, make sure to keep in mind following factors.

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MySQL Cache

One of the most appropriate ways opting which RAM can be expanded is by configuring MySQL cache. If in case MySQL cache is capturing too much memory or space on the system, same can be treated by decreasing MySQL cache size. On the contrary, if the request is large then the ultimate solution is to increase the cache size such that increased requests can be met effectively.

Disable the control panel

Users are keen to use the most popular control panel on their systems like Plesk or Cpanel. However, for users who do not want to consume many resources while using control panel, it is advisable for them to use control panel as and when necessary. Simple control panels can be accessed through small PHP script or by accessing a small prompt. This is going to free up 120 MB of RAM which is sufficient to support the functioning of the server.

Disable the features or plug-ins

Often unnecessary modules are enabled in the software, it is highly recommended to turn them off. This shall keep your resources preserved and enable you to use them as and when required. Thus in the time of real requirement, you shall have ample memory to use it at the right place and time.

Disable the system

It is highly advisable to disable the system services which are of no or negligible use to the users. This shall preserve the RAM and CPU space of server and make it available for more useful purposes.

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