Try the healthier way of smoking: E-liquid

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The all-new way to smoke pot or the basic smoking has evolved with technology and now it can be done using the vaporizer or the e-liquid. eliquids a flavoured liquid used in the electronic cigarettes. The liquid is the extract of various nicotine substances such as marijuana and more along with herbal extracts. The choice to use nicotine in an e-liquid depends on individual preference and the nicotine consumed is of various strengths. Tanks and bottles are the ways in which e-liquid is available. The options of closed system electronic cigarettes are used in tanks which are devices that you can directly put into the vaporizer and consume therefore the name closed system whereas open system e-cigarettes have to be filled with e-liquids and then consumed from the vaporizer.


Strengths in e liquids

Various strengths are available for the people which they can consume according to their own convenience. It starts from none, extra light, light, regular and high with the content of nicotine ranging from 0mg to 24mg.

The composition of e-liquid

To create smooth flavours, some base ingredients are added in the e-liquid such as propylene glycol or PG and vegetable glycerine or VG or even both. VG is non-toxic liquid with no taste and is odourless. Because of its thick and viscous consistency, it produces denser vapours. On the other hand, PG is an alcohol and is comparatively less dense than VG, therefore, produces thinner vapours. It is also antifreeze and it gives bigger throat hit than VG.

Eliquid is a great alternative to conventional smoking but is harmful if it comes in contact with the skin. Overall it is a better option than smoking and it can help people quit smoking as well if they decide to omit or use lesser amounts of the nicotine in the e liquids.

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